Welcome to Birtamod Education Foundation


Birtamod Education Foundation was established in 2017 with the aim to assist Nepalese students eager to enhance their career through proper higher education to study in abroad.  It is located in Birtamod -4, Bhadrapur Road, Jhapa, Nepal. Student-friendly BEF remains up to date with the national and international developments in education, and its smart team of competent professionals guides Nepali youths to a brighter future. Students receive sincere guidance as to their academic betterment suited to their individual potentialities. Who should go in for what higher course of study is our primary concern. BEF is a professional consultation service provider in the areas of educational consultancy and provides professional counseling and information to the aspirant of abroad studies. Since its inception, BEF has grown significantly over the years. By providing a unique learning and overseas counseling environment BEF has already built a strong reputation as a much trusted top educational organization It has already helped more than 100 students to make their foreign study dreams come true consistent and efficient services to students and institutes reflect our professionalism and dedication to provide reliable information on the most professional way. The main reason of our growth is the student’s appreciation of efforts made by BEF’s experienced team. Our Birtamod based education foundation has a global network connecting the global arena. BEF is a standout in the test preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT, CAT, CMAT, NAT, JLPT, Top-J, J-Test and English Language Classes and many more.

Our Mission

Birtamod Education Foundation Pvt. Ltd. is committed explore the qualities of Nepalese students, and finding better opportunities for them throughout the world. Our belief is on qualitative education which sharpens the horizon of their minding diverse fields. We are always and ever committed to consult with students, provide them guidance for their better opportunities. BEF has an experienced team of specialist counselors having a wide knowledge of schools, colleges and Universities, up to date information on the latest developments and a sound understanding of the issues – academic, personal and financial – which most concern parents and students. This exceptional combination enables us to offer informed well balanced advice on individual basic. Birtamod Education Foundation is established with the vision of providing quality education and providing them guidance to Nepalese students who are competitive, enthusiastic and eligible to explore and demonstrate the bright future of country as well. By providing them international level of education to the ‘building pillars’ we want to contribute building the nation, it is our ultimate goal.