TOP-J Practical Japanese Proficiency Test is a test developed by experts and professors who are active in the Japanese language education field in Japan and abroad. For students who are studying Japanese as a foreign language, it is better to measure fundamental abilities such as vocabulary, grammar, sentence patterns, etc. from the exam, communication from foreigners living in Japan, such as living and work etc. We also aim at measuring the ability of Japanese society and Japanese companies to understand their customs and culture through doubts.
Therefore, it is thought that learners can understand the basics of language and deepen their adaptability to the whole Japanese society. TOPJ The practical Japanese proficiency test is divided into elementary, intermediate, advanced. As you apply for study abroad in Japan, the results of this exam will be the same as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test as well as the verbal ability. 
For example, if you acquire Elementary A, you will be deemed to have sufficient abilities to study abroad at Japanese language institution in Japan, and if you acquire Advanced A you will be accepted in Japanese society or Japanese company You can admit that you have a certain adaptive capacity and you can be in charge of interpreter etc for Japanese companies.